Beta Reading Program

The Beta Reading Program (BRP) is currently open for Lee’s newest book, The Void War: Invasion.

How Does It Work?

The BRP occurs during the first edit of the manuscript. Participants receive one chapter at a time as Lee completes the first edit of each chapter. The chapters are sent by email as Microsoft Word document attachments. Once received, the participant is asked to read the chapter and make comments, suggestions, corrections in the Word document using a red font. Also, the participant is asked to answer a series of questions at the end of each chapter. These questions are very important. There are no right or wrong answers, however, the participant’s answers will help Lee determine if the reader is experiencing the story as he expects. Once the participant completes their work, they will email the modified document back to the Lee for consideration. The program ends once the last chapter is returned to Lee.

Who Is Lee Looking For?

The BRP needs readers of all kinds from different backgrounds; the more variety the better. It is helpful if the participant has a strong knowledge of the English language, but it is not necessary. The BRP is limited to twelve participants. Once this number is reached, the program will be closed for this particular book.

What Do I Get Out Of It?

The BRP participants will not be compensated monetarily, however, each contributing participant will receive a mention in the acknowledgements and an autographed copy of the published book. To be considered a contributing participant, the participant must answer the questions at the end of each chapter and provide at least some additional feedback in the form of comments and/or suggestions sometime during the program.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you are interested in participating in this program, please completely fill out the form below and click Submit Request.

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